Holland People+Brands

A one-of-a-kind, integrated
brand engagement agency

What makes Holland People+Brands so different?

We are internationally recognized brand engagement consultants, and the only agency that combines brand-building, strategic marketing and human resource performance management in a holistic process ensuring your company delivers one powerful brand message across every touchpoint of both customer and employee engagement.

We help you make a huge impact in your marketplace.

We help you gain focus to make decision-making easier.

We help you motivate your employees to be your 24/7 brand ambassadors.

Our overarching goal is to help you significantly boost brand engagement, the critical requirement for the year-over-year growth of your business.

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of brand and human resource consulting success!

At Holland, we’re out to make the marketplace a better place. We refer to our clients as partners. And by providing Holland’s very unique and holistic brand development program, then aligning their business, brand and people strategies, they prosper – always.

Add to that our credentials – Jennifer Holland is the only Certified Brand Strategist in the region, our decades of experience, and our reputation for brilliantly executed growth strategies and it’s no wonder our partner’s brands have continued to thrive year after year.

Jennifer Holland

Certified Brand Strategist & CEO

Jennifer Holland, founder of Holland People+Brands and one of only a handful of Certified Brand Strategists in the United States, has earned a reputation as a trusted consultant in the brand development space for her creative expression, strategic thinking and brilliantly executed growth strategies that result in enterprise value creation and double-digit growth.

For more than three decades, she has shown businesses and entrepreneurs in a range of industries how to bring their company and personal brands to life. Her open-minded and intentional approach helps organizations uncover their competitive distinction, communicate that distinction to the marketplace with innovative messaging and deliver a consistent brand promise through their people. Jennifer’s approach to brand development and engagement is like no other—and she knows how to position a business as the same.

Jennifer’s consultancy is the only agency combining brand, business and people strategies in a proven holistic process called the Holland Helix®. Jennifer and partner Jackie Weathers created this business growth model that brings your organization’s brand alive from the inside out, and their work on the Holland Helix has been published internationally in the Journal of Brand Strategy. Jennifer also developed the highly sought after Build Your Brand Workshop® curriculum, which is licensed in six markets across the United States and Canada. Her methodologies ensure a remarkable 360° transformation for business—better marketing results, increased profitability and sales, a more inspired work culture and greater engagement across the board.

What’s more, Jennifer is an internationally published author, professional-level member of the National Speaker’s
Association and Expert Resource Speaker for Vistage International. As a top-rated presenter and national speaker on branding, she consistently secures speaking engagements for national conferences and private corporations.

Currently, Jennifer is serving as President for the Jacksonville Women’s Network, an organization supporting the professional and personal advancement of women. She has been recognized as a “Women in Business Established Entrepreneur of the Year” and as a “Women of Influence” honoree by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Jennifer has also been featured in Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur magazines.

Jackie Weathers

Certified Facilitator & Business Coach

For over 30 years, Jackie Weathers has utilized innovative solutions at Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 across a variety of industries to improve employee performance, helping them reach their maximum potential. Most notably, she spent 14 years at Lowe’s Home Improvement leading and developing multiple teams in learning and organizational development such as leadership development, instructional design, career development, talent management, professional development and onboarding.

For the last ten years as President and CEO of Jackie Weathers Consulting, she has partnered with organizations to coach, create and deliver innovative custom solutions to improve employee performance using the foundational principles used by the International Society of Performance Improvement. These principles focus on systemically looking at the people, processes and tools in an organization to identify the root causes of nonperformance which many times is not training but processes and tools. She uses these philosophies to partner with internal Learning and Development Departments to develop the skills, processes, and techniques to sustain the performance improvement of principles and practices needed to continually improve performance of the organization.

Jackie is certified in MBTI, DDI, Achieve Global, Speakers Training Camp, EQ-i 2.0, as a Ken Blanchard Channel Partner and as a Certified Business Coach. She is also a Wiley Authorized Partner for DISC and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

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