Do you know what your
brand is worth?

If not, perhaps you should know.

For example, if you knew it could impact the value of your business by up to 25%, 50% or more, would you want to know?

We thought so.

Every business owner should know the true value of their business, regardless of its size. Too often business owners wait until they are interested in transitioning their business to start the valuation process—and by then, it is usually too late. Understanding the value of your business today and how to grow that value over time will prepare you for when you are ready to sell or transition the leadership of your company.

Wouldn’t you like to know your business’s rightful worth? Read more about how the Pretium Method™ Assessment can help increase your asking price here:

Lacking this knowledge can lead to your business being underinsured, having less access to capital, or worse—you are leaving money on the table when it’s time for a merger or acquisition.

Think of Your Brand as a Growth Driver

Many small- to mid-sized business owners often have no idea what a brand-related intangible asset is, much less where the intangible asset areas are that could provide focus areas for business value growth and profitability.

Introducing the Pretium Method™

This facilitator-guided self-assessment tool is one-of-a-kind. It was specifically created to help business owners like you discover hidden—and often overlooked—value in their brand-related intangible assets.

The assessment will help you:

  • Uncover the hidden, most vulnerable areas of your brand
  • Strengthen the weakest aspects of your brand strategically, quickly and economically
  • Identify the aspects that create long-term value inside your business

Ready to uncover the hidden value of your business?

Take advantage of this unique, proprietary tool and quickly get strategic, highly actionable information you can implement now. The process is simple and economical.

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