The Holland Helix®

Our proprietary formula for maximizing brand value

Experience the Holland Helix®, our exclusive Brand Development and Business Growth Process.

Without DNA, you wouldn’t be you. Your DNA carries all the essential information that makes up your physical characteristics.

Your company or organization has DNA, too. It’s the characteristics and strategies that make up your total brand value. Unfortunately, most brands tap only a small fraction of these powerful strategies of brand engagement. And most marketing agencies have neither the expertise nor the tools to unlock them for you.

Enter Holland People+Brands and our proprietary model for guaranteed growth—The Holland Helix®.

As you can see from this model, it encompasses three separate but critically intertwined strategies that work together to deliver one compelling and unforgettable message—a message that sets your business apart from the competition and drives explosive growth.

Most companies have a business strategy. Some may have a brand strategy. Very few have a people strategy. And only in the rarest of instances do all three communicate or even share a common language.

That’s what makes the Holland Helix® approach so different…and effective.

Did you know that brand value can account for as much as 71 percent of a company’s intangible value? That shows how critical it is to align your brand message across all three of these strategies. Like a three-legged stool, if one of these strategies is weak, the brand won’t perform to its potential. But get all three equally on track, and everyone in your organization will live, breathe and believe one powerful message that resonates with customers and creates rock-solid brand awareness.

5 Steps to Success

How we implement the Holland Helix® to align your business, brand, and people

Effective brand development improves your bottom line and ensures every point of contact with your audience is cohesive, effective and maximized. To be sure, brand building is not a quick, one-shot effort. It takes the dedication of time and resources to effectively enhance a brand’s perception to an audience or community. Today, the question should not be, “What is the cost of branding?” Instead, ask, “What is the risk of not strengthening our brand?”

Step 1.


During our initial meeting, we’ll establish clear goals, objectives, and how we will work together.

Step 2.


This is the Discovery Session when we will analyze your activities and begin to develop clear positioning recommendations.

Step 3.


We’ll employ activities to help link your company’s brand and its employees.

Step 4.


This is when we will integrate fully the brand strategy into your business and ensure sustained brand-building momentum.

Step 5.

X-Ponential Growth

Less of a step and more of a result, this is where branding flourishes into increased brand value that will grow over time.

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