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At Holland, we’re out to make the marketplace a better place. We refer to our clients as partners. And by providing Holland’s very unique and holistic brand development program, then aligning their business, brand and people strategies, they prosper – always.

Esteemed thought-leader and trusted consultant in the brand development space, Jennifer Holland is one of only a handful of Certified Brand Strategists in the United States. For more than two decades, Jennifer has helped businesses and entrepreneurs clarify their unique offerings, communicate those offerings with innovative messaging and bring their brands to life with consistent brand promise delivery solutions. She co-developed the Holland HELIX®—a proven methodology aligning business+brand+people strategies—and the highly sought-after Build Your Brand Workshop® curriculum, which is licensed in six markets across the United States and Canada. Jennifer is also an internationally published author, professional-level member of the National Speaker’s Association and Expert Resource Speaker for Vistage International.

Jennifer Holland

Certified Brand Strategist & CEO

The Holland Helix®

Our proprietary formula for maximizing brand value

Experience the Holland Helix®, our exclusive Brand Development and Business Growth Process.

Without DNA, you wouldn’t be you. Your DNA carries all the essential information that makes up your physical characteristics.

Your company or organization has DNA, too. It’s the characteristics and strategies that make up your total brand value. Unfortunately, most brands tap only a small fraction of these powerful strategies of brand engagement. And most marketing agencies have neither the expertise nor the tools to unlock them for you.

Enter Holland People+Brands and our proprietary model for guaranteed growth—The Holland Helix®.

As you can see from this model, it encompasses three separate but critically intertwined strategies that work together to deliver one compelling and unforgettable message—a message that sets your business apart from the competition and drives explosive growth.

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