Build Your Brand® Workshops

Brand Distinction…Uncovered!

From Build Your Brand® Workshops to Executive Retreats, Holland People+Brands puts a unique spin on the brand discovery process.

Learn how to identify and expand your brand+people.

Ever wondered what brand is?

Have you thought about branding or rebranding your business?

In our proprietary Build Your Brand® workshops, Jennifer Holland shares her unique and inventive brand knowledge with business owners and marketing executives looking for the correct steps to get started, or a “do-it-yourself” solution. Valued at $5,500, Holland People+Brands offers these workshops both publicly and privately in a group setting for individuals and groups for only $297 per person.


Here’s why you need this training:

There are identifiable and replicable strategies common in every successful brand. Yet, they are often held secret.

You are going to be able to apply them to your business immediately. And you and your business will quite literally never be the same.

You’ll leave with advanced brand development acumen – ready and able to implement.

Some of the things you’ll discover include:

• How to choose the right market for your business – so you can target the prospects most likely to buy from you and offer them exactly what they want.

• How to create a unique value proposition for your business so your prospects can evaluate you versus your competitors – and choose you as the only real choice.

• How to equip your employees to live your brand and implement it – so you can turn prospects into customers and covert customers into repeat business.

You will discover answers to the questions your prospects are silently asking about you. Such as “Why should I do business with you instead of with your competitors?” . . . “How do I know I can trust you to deliver the outcome you promise? . . . “Why shouldn’t we just keep doing what we’ve always done – or not do anything at all?”

The correct, most-persuasive answers to these questions could make 2019 your best year ever.

When you attend, you’ll receive your unique answers – different from the attendee seated next to you – that apply to your specific business and marketplace.

The Holland Build Your Brand® Workshop is ideal for all kinds of businesses:

• Brick and mortar
• Online businesses
• Business-to-business
• Business-to-consumer
• Service professionals
• Professional practitioners
• Direct sales
• Entrepreneurs
• Non-profits

We’ve helped companies from all over attract more business, sell more products and services, increase their profits, and grow their businesses year after year.

All beginning with their one easy decision to attend this three-hour workshop. We want to get you that success, too.

Join us. You’ll be so glad – and so much richer – because you did.

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Our Guarantee to you:

If at any time during the first hour of the Build Your Brand® Workshop you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake being at the event, you need only say so during the break to receive a FULL 100% fee refund.

Interested in employee branding and engagement? Ask us about holding a private workshop for your company or internal department at your office.

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