Instead of making you feel like you’re on the outside looking in, we hope you will request sample case studies from our Contact Page.

You’ll see how others have used the Holland Helix® to:

» define what business they’re really in—as well as what they’re not;
» segment and target their ideal clients, customers and employees;
» define what kind of employee will be successful in their business;
» find out who wants what they’re selling—and what customers need to believe before they’ll buy;
» define the motivators their clients and customers have when deciding to do business with them;
» carve out and reinforce their niche so they are attracting and keeping their ideal customers and employees;
» acquire, connect, and engage their employees to “live the brand” in order to fully deliver their brand promise.

You can enjoy the same success with your business wants, needs and desires…but only if you follow the way paved for you with the Holland Helix®.

Just remember—your business is unique. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter formula that will truly work for you. That’s why the Holland Helix® is tailored to meet your exact needs, goals, and budget.

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It’s an approach that will change your business for the better—forever.


Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Holland [click on the name below]:

 “I have worked with Holland for over a decade. When Sweet Pete’s was selected to appear on CNBC’s The Profit, Jennifer Holland was our first call. She aligned all our materials beautifully so that our appearance on the show was a success.

They also created branding materials for Peterbrooke Chocolatier and developed our franchise materials that helped sell 25 stores in 16 months.   

Most businesses fail to grasp the importance of branding and do not realize, like it or not, we are communicating with our customers with every decision we make and every person we hire. And, the message may not be what we think it is. Working with Holland will give you a distinct edge over your competitors.”

 “I have worked with Holland on several projects over the last five years. In every instance, I have found them to be thoughtful, strategic and on point with their recommendations and creative approach. They have supported a range of needs—from straightforward employee newsletters and innovative marketing campaigns for new business segments to the branding of our employee wellness initiative—and always have delivered strong results and practical solutions. Our business leaders have enjoyed collaborating with Jennifer and her team on projects, and I highly recommend their services.”

“We employed the services of Holland Creative Companies to assist in several facets of our marketing and advertising strategy, which included brand analysis, creative and design for marketing material, and design and development of our company website. The methodology utilized by Holland was very effective in determining our brand and unique value propositions. The results generated were exceptional and have assisted us in properly communicating our unique brand and the specific value we provide to our clients. We have been pleased with the services provided by Holland. We also found the team at Holland to be very professional, knowledgeable and experts in their field.

We also utilized Holland to assist in producing a response to a high-profile client request for proposal. The result was a first-class document that included the type of image and professionalism we were seeking, and with which we won the business account! We now use this look and approach on all similar endeavors.

Choosing a marketing and advertising firm we can be a very difficult decision for many reasons. We are happy to saythat we selected the right firm and they have become a valuable strategic partner!”

“RFPs are stressful and it's great to know that we have a Holland support team behind us."

“Working with Jennifer and her dynamic team at Holland Creative is like an extension of the Communications and Marketing office at Bolles. Every project has a strategically executed plan and Jennifer helps bring a unique perspective every time. This partnership has brought not only success for Bolles, but we have also been recognized in our field professionally, winning several awards.  Working with Jennifer is a ‘win-win’ every time.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a project involving taking literally reams of research and turning it into a living breathing brand. Jennifer Holland and her colleagues at Holland have a unique position. They combine the strategic and the tactical with work that gets to the heart of the facts behind the research, and help their clients quickly cut through the clutter and get to the strongest core message possible. On top of that, the creative brings those core ideas to life in a way I've only experienced through my work with far larger and more expensive agencies. If you are in Jacksonville in particular, and you are looking to do great things with your brand, there is no better choice than Jennifer Holland and her team (and I've worked with the other agencies here, in Jacksonville). If you are a mid-sized national client who is tired of being relegated to the B or C teams at a large agency, you owe it to yourself to give Holland a call. If it doesn't show through my words, HIGHLY recommended!”

"Holland  provides us the insight, brand expertise, and graphics to bring a whole new concept of marketing to life. The staff is professional with a personal touch. Engaging Holland provides the marketing department you need when you need it.”

"In case I failed to mention this to you earlier, when you were so busy last week, I want you to know how very well your staff took care of me. Even though [Jennifer] and I couldn’t actually speak to each other, I received a phone call letting me know that you were aware of my needs and that [Jennifer was] working on a proposal. It gave me the opportunity to provide some valuable info to one of your employees who could then pass that info to [Jennifer] for [her] proposal. Every time that I’ve called for [Jennifer] or Sarah, I have felt that the staff was waiting for me to call so they could help me. I know that's not true and that you have many, many clients but that's the impression Holland Creative gives me and I love it. I can only predict years of success for your business with the team you have assembled.

I want to thank everyone who helped us through the Speaker's Forum because you allowed us to present the image we want to present to Jacksonville at this important annual event. Thank you for everything. It's my pleasure to work with each and every one of you.”

"The very best moment in any long journey that makes your dreams come true, comes not on the day you realize they have, but on the day you realize how little they matter compared to loving the adventure they've inspired."

“My rack cards are beautiful. They have added credibility and boosted sales for my business. Everyone at Holland is very friendly and helpful.”

“Holland provides top-notch design services, including creativity and teamwork. The designs are both attractive and functional. Jennifer is a master with photography and color, creating new and exciting designs. She’s also terrific in brainstorming sessions and always responds cooperatively to requests for changes (accepting those that work and challenging those that might not).” 

“I’m still amazed that you were able to get everything done in time. You’re a miracle worker.”

“Jennifer has given full artistic expression to the Nemours story on a regular basis as long as there has been a Holland.  Her personal warmth and style are reflected in the way she has designed and produced our work, including our annual report, with each year getting better than the one before.”

"Holland has been an indispensable partner for Mayo Clinic’s International Services Department for years.  We are a demanding client, often requiring multiple levels of technical and linguistic reviews—and many rounds of changes. From the time she was a sole practitioner, Jennifer Holland has consistently provided top quality and service. She puts her graphics expertise to work for us, as well as her language abilities. She’s not afraid to tackle a new project in Portuguese or to point out inconsistencies between English and Spanish translations. It’s rare to find people who excel both in art design and language skills—and who can top that with great service. She is now backed by a talented team whose synergy makes the workflow seamless. Working with them still feels like working with a single great mind.” 

“Jennifer did an outstanding job as the graphic designer for our official team yearbook. Jennifer was very creative in her designs and always met deadlines. In addition, she was a pleasure to work with and carried herself in a professional manner.”

“CWC Sports publishes the NFL Team Yearbooks for the entire League. Jennifer Holland has produced outstanding and innovative designs with a very high level of professionalism and quality, making the process of producing these books under extreme pressure a pleasant working experience. Jennifer’s commitment to getting a project completed is unsurpassed, and I highly recommend the services that her organization provides.” 

“Holland has consistently demonstrated an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas that they have been engaged. We would endorse Holland in work product regarding the development, review or refinement of an organization's brand strategy.”

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