What is your organization’s unique brand distinction?

Is your brand distinction something your audience wants and values?

Is it clearly and consistently communicated across every point of contact with your audience—and your employees?



It doesn’t matter what size business you’re running; brand value is one of your most valuable, and often overlooked, assets. Growing your company’s brand value is a sure path to double-digit growth year over year. Now that’s something to get excited about!


After all, you want employees who are engaged and excited about delivering on your special version of customer experience. You want customers who are brand loyal and you want a reputation that works as a lead generation program.


How do you get all that? It all starts with the Holland Helix®. But first…


You have to be very clear about who you say you are and who you actually are. What happens when your target audience’s perception of you doesn’t match who you really are? Your revenue takes a deep dive and employee morale plummets.


The good news is you CAN change how people perceive you, and they will want to do business with you. You CAN ensure your employees are delivering your brand distinction every single time.


To get you where you want to be, we have to start with where you are.


So choose the path that best describes your business…

Holland Creative Small Business

Start-up business.

"I want a complete step-by-step system of brand development and customer acquisition."

Holland Creative Medium Sized Business

Mid-sized business.

"I want to take our success and our employees’ performance to the next level.”

Holland Creative Large Corporation

Large corporation.

"I want to ensure our growth in an ever-expanding marketplace of fierce competition.”

Once you click through, you’ll discover our proprietary model the Holland Helix™—a new approach you’ve never seen before.

We developed it to help businesses like yours get results...big results.

Go ahead...make your choice...and grow your business to the next level.

“In every instance, I have found Holland Creative to be thoughtful, strategic and on point with their recommendations and creative approach.”

Helen Rowan, Rayonier

Holland Published Internationally

“Aligning a company’s people strategy with its business strategy and brand strategy.” The international Journal of Brand Strategy published this research article, co-authored by Jennifer Holland and business partner Jackie Weathers in the Fall 2013 volume.


  Just as business leaders often obsess about their company’s brand reputation, leaders in the education sector are understandably concerned about their school’s perceived image and value. But they don’t manage their brand as a strategic asset, often relegating this powerful commodity to marketing. BIG MISTAKE!