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I’ve been out there a long time.  I come from the creative side, with a degree in Fine Art. I think that’s what gives our creative such a strong compositional element. I launched my business in 1997 with just one key account—the Jacksonville Jaguars. From there, the business has literally “grown up” over the years.

My interest in brand development came at a time when I was producing great creative, but my clients weren’t seeing true “business” results from the work. It bothered me. I wanted my clients to be successful, and the work that we produced to generate results—and revenue!

What I learned was that if the message wasn’t right, the communication didn’t work—and if the brand positioning wasn’t right, the message couldn’t work—and if the brand positioning wasn’t true and authentic, well, then none of it works long-term and we have to keep re-creating new work to drive results.

My search for delivering the best results for my clients let me to The Brand Establishment, and to some of the smartest people I have ever met.




Certified Brand Strategist means that I have gone through a master’s level rigor on brand strategy. The certification connects me to a network of about 20 other Certified Brand Strategists across the country, and we meet twice a year to review best practices and new education on brand development. I stay connected to real thought leaders on brand development—the strategic distinction—and branding, the tactical execution.

Why this is important is that it gets results and grows businesses. If you want to grow the intangible value of your balance sheet for stakeholders or to go public; or if you want to sell your business at a great value more than your book of business, then you will want to develop and grow your brand. You will want to manage your brand as one of your KPIs you review on a regular basis, and make ongoing adjustments to protect this most important asset.

There is no greater investment than that of your brand.




Ah, well, did you spend money on brand development or branding? Brand development is a CEO initiative that aligns the business strategy with the brand strategy and clearly communicates a unique distinction—what we call a UVP—your unique value proposition. Branding is the tactical execution of the brand—the logo, brochure, website, and so forth.

Investing in brand development is one of the single most important things you can do to ensure sustainability and profitability. It lifts your business out of a commodity market and commands a premium price for your product or service. 



Absolutely, in fact, we often partner with CEOs, human resource specialists and marketing professionals to ensure the brand positioning and equity growth, while providing guidance to other creative teams from a brand strategy perspective. 






















Sure, it’s exactly what I love talking about—results. Of course, I have to be careful here because of client confidentiality. Businesses typically don’t want their results data broadcast to everyone, but I can say this: We have worked with global companies who have seen tremendous growth during a down economy. We have worked with businesses that have maintained double-digit growth every year since we launched their brand. We have worked with private education that have seen increased rather than decreased enrollment, while employee morale excelled. We continue to meet—and more often exceed—client expectations whenever we engage in brand development. We have also worked with clients who just needed immediate results on an internal HR campaign or an external marketing campaign. Again, we’ve seen measurable results that left our clients giddy with excitement. 




No, with the technology we have today, it is not necessary to be in our city. In fact, most of our clients are out of town. We prefer a face-to-face during the initial phase, and move to a more virtual relationship after that, with occasional face-to-face meetings as needed. So, if you’ve got a computer and a telephone, we can connect.




Our proprietary process and methodology guarantee our Brand Development System or Holland Helix™ will work. However, our process allows for a very high level of customization for each business we engage.  We find it best to give a “tree tops” view of the process in the beginning of our engagement, and we unfold the details during our time together. This ensures time for understanding and change that accompanies every successful and sustainable business initiative.




Results vary based on your investment and level of commitment from your organization. However, it is not uncommon to see 200% ROI within 12-18 months. 



We typically have room for only one new client at any given time, and sometimes we’re booked solid. So I encourage you to call or email us, and let’s set up a time to talk. That way we can schedule you in and ensure you get all the attention you deserve.



































































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