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We proudly introduce a Brand Development and Business Growth Model that works every time.

Ours is a new approach you've never seen before. It’s known as the Holland Helix®, and we developed it to help you get the results you want and the returns you need.

Created by Holland People+Brands, the Holland Helix® is a highly strategic model that incorporates a methodology and process to systematically grow your business regardless of the challenges you’re facing.

Yes, it works every time—if you follow it.

Unfortunately, most CEOs—and even marketing professionals—are misinformed. They believe a logo is their brand, and investing in a website will be enough to brand their business. These actions are far from strategic—and the results are far from desirable.

The truth is, a brand is developed from the inside out. Brand development is a strategic initiative aligning the business and brand strategies to communicate a unique and compelling distinction. The logo, website, and all the other “stuff” are merely the tactical execution of that distinction. Without the brand development initiative, there is no real substance to the elements—they become just another pretty face. Tactics ahead of strategy will cost more, much more—in dollars, time, effort, and resources—delivered upon every time.

CEOs have been led to believe they must “do their branding” and then try to “convince” their prospects and their employees to buy into it.

Just as the “old way” of marketing no longer works, that old way of branding doesn’t attract business or engage employees. If anything, it repels both. This is a time of transparency, and being authentic is the ONLY way to build a business and grow true brand value.

Perhaps that’s why you’re frustrated with your business. Perhaps your marketing says one thing and your people say another—and perhaps that’s why your customers and clients experience something different all together.


The Holland Helix® is a more holistic and fully integrated approach to operationalizing your brand. It is the most direct path for achieving business growth beyond your wildest expectations.

Through the Holland Helix®, our brand and people strategists will help you systematically build the market value of your brand. We achieve this by combining:

» business strategy and strategic planning;
» brand strategy and brand development;
» people strategy and brand implementation.

Sound like a bunch of jargon? It’s not. These are keys to your success.

We will help you align your business strategy—with your brand strategy—with your people strategy.

We’ll help you ensure your brand promise is communicated and delivered upon—every time someone comes in contact with your business—whether that is by looking at your business card, visiting your website, interacting with your employees, or any other touchpoint.

After all, everyone who does business with you wants what your communications promise them. When it’s not there—or worse, when it's inconsistent—they no longer believe you. Instead, they turn to the nearest competitor who earns their trust.


The Holland Helix® interweaves the three essential elements for increasing profits—and your bottom line.

Helix is an acronym for our process of operationalizing your brand.




















HELLO—This is a time to get to know each other. Together, we’ll establish the goals and objectives of what we will achieve. We’ll meet with your executive team and key decision makers. This step often involves reviewing your existing business strategy and people strategy. If available, we will review market research, business plans, marketing plans, and both internal and external communications.

EXPLORATION—Here, we measure the strength and alignment of your current brand among key internal audience, sincluding management, employees, and sales channels. Through this analysis and discovery, we uncover the essence of your brand. You’ll learn about your Unique Value Proposition (UVP), and we’ll demonstrate its possible applications.

LINKAGE—This is truly the missing link in most businesses. Here, we develop solutions to link your people and your brand. It’s crucial for creating a fully engaged, high-performance culture within your organization. It empowers you to prioritize touchpoints and control brand perceptions by employing our acquire, connect, and engage model.

INTEGRATION—This is go-time. We operationalize your brand, often starting with an internal launch event to engage employees and stakeholders. Working together, we will determine your people objectives and create a robust people strategy outline. We will develop the marketing and public relations objectives and external strategies, leveraging the most effective ways to attract customers and prospects and to achieve your highest ROI. Implementation includes ongoing Momentum Meetings that will ensure sustainable growth.

x-PONENTIAL GROWTH—This is the “X” factor. Here, you reap all the benefits of your efforts. We’ll track and measure your growth—and hold the process accountable—through a system that includes 11 brand metrics, such as brand awareness, brand relevance, and brand purchase conversion (among others). We’ll measure the success of employee engagement and retention utilizing metrics from our Acquire, Connect, and Engage model.


You can continue to do things the same old way—and get the same results.

Or, you can choose the way that grows your business and results in sustainable success—every time. Guaranteed.

The Holland Helix® is an internal brand and people alignment system that will integrate your business, brand, and people strategies. Only the Holland Helix® synergistically aligns your brand and your people at every step along the path to success.

It’s the perfect way for you to demonstrate a clear and consistent level of commitment to brand-building and people-building within your organization.

No longer will you unknowingly self-sabotage with inconsistencies and contradictions.

You’ll be able to make better “on-brand” decisions—more quickly. You’ll finally be able to control critical interactions your customers and stakeholders have with your brand—delivering on your brand promise across all touchpoints.

Doesn’t that feel good? Plus, you will be transforming your company into a brand-driven organization and culture.



























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