You know it better than anyone—unless you keep growing, you’re standing still. If you stand still, you are at risk of becoming a commodity. Frankly, that’s no way to do business—or to grow a business.

» Do you wish you could command a premium price, and that your customers would believe your product to be a good value for that price?
» Is the culture of your organization engaging and brand-driven? Are you attracting and retaining employees who fit your culture?
» Do you wish your customers had a stronger sense of loyalty toward you—no matter what other offers are out there?
» Are you worried about all the marketing dollars out there clamoring for a share of your prospect’s spending budget?
» Are you aware that you need to invest part of your marketing budget on your people—but you’re not sure how to get started?

We can help you ensure your brand promise is authentic and resonates with the marketplace so that it is believed by the people who have the power to choose you.

Then you can finally sleep at night knowing your employees are living the brand at every point of contact with your audience.

That’s what the Holland Helix® will do for you.



» bring clarity to your unique value proposition (UVP), the “why you,” and optimize your brand positioning;
» align your brand strategy and your people strategy with your business strategy, enabling you to leverage time, effort, and resources across multiple efforts;
» connect your message to your mission— making your core vision and values clear and distinct;
» develop a corporate initiative that will clearly communicate your competitive advantages;
» back your brand identity with believable evidence; proof your customers can use to convince themselves to do business with you;
» create an authentic brand promise that is memorable and authentic, then develop strategies to communicate that brand promise at every point of contact (or touchpoint);
» develop a solid platform for future growth and success.

The Holland Helix® is custom-tailored to meet your exact needs, goals, and budget.

It’s an approach that will change your business for the better—forever.


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