• Do your customers think you're...

    • Too big or too small?
    • Too expensive or too cheap?
    • Too experienced or not experienced enough?
  • Yet you know it's a perfect fit.

    The problem isn't your business.
    It's your brand.

  • The good news is you can change this perception.

  • We help businesses like yours every day attract the clients and customers they want.

Do you ever feel your marketing says one thing and your people say another?

Psst...We can fix that!

Experience the Holland Helix®, our exclusive brand development and business growth process.

Here’s the big mistake most CEOs and even marketing managers make when they approach branding: they think “logo and website.” But that’s the tactical, easy stuff. They’ve leapfrogged over the real work that must occur before every successful brand execution.

At Holland People+Brands, we work on your behalf to do the crucial behind-the-scenes work, the fact-finding, critical thinking, and strategizing that will ultimately reveal the unique value your brand brings to its employees and customers.

Our approach, the Holland Helix®, is a step-by-step process that effectively aligns the key elements of your company’s value proposition: business strategy, brand strategy and people strategy.

You can ensure your brand promise is communicated and delivered at every touchpoint, by every employee, every time a customer comes into contact with your business . . . when you implement the Holland Helix.

Your results will be consistent, authentic messages that broadcast your value proposition to build rock-solid customer trust.



A Simple Model That Makes You Money

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Why You Need to Integrate Your Employees into Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy

Your employees are your greatest asset. They can be your most effective advocates, especially when dealing one-on-one with your customers. If you fail to build your brand strategy from the inside out, you disconnect your people from your brand. And what your customers experience becomes different from what they’re promised.  When experiences are incongruent with expectations, your customers will show their dissatisfaction where it hurts most . . . and your bottom line will suffer.

We make sure that never happens to you. We are not an advertising agency looking to spend your budget. What we do for you is establish your brand identity within your company’s core culture. So you win customers, again and again.

At Holland People+Brands, we begin our process with people—your people—your 24/7 ambassadors to current and future clientele. Our holistic process, the Holland Helix, helps you foster a results-focused environment engaged in visibility-raising brand messaging for your products and services.

The goal is ever-expanding experiences that motivate employees and influence target audiences to guarantee healthy, sustainable growth.

For more than two decades, Holland People+Brands has combined its expertise in innovative business branding with human resource performance management to create more compelling communications, showcase your credibility and to generate qualified leads.

Contact us today for details on our exclusive Holland Helix approach and find out how we can help your organization become more prosperous through 360-degree messaging that engages and delivers.

Align Your Business + Brand + People

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Client Stories

  • University of North Florida

    Facilitated successful executive brand strategy retreat.
  • The Citadel Foundation

    Created consistent brand messaging processes.
  • PSS World Medicine

    Tangible brand performance through research.
  • Rayonier

    Strategic, brand-based tactical communications.
  • Sweet Pete’s

    Brand alignment and communications.
  • Aviator Gear

    Helped improve customer lifetime value.
  • Strategic Asset Management International

    Insight-driven brand performance.
  • Health Designs

    Health-based communications and brand positioning.
  • Bolles

    Results-based education brand initiatives.

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