Hashtags, has it gone too far?!

I was talking with someone just the other day and they used a hashtag in conversation…actually spoke the hashtag out loud. Have we all gone mad?! Has this tiny symbol now become part of our spoken language? Do I need to comment on my conversation using a hashtag now just to be relevant?


The original intention was to form groups, organize conversations and even make certain information more organized by adding a common link with search features. Here’s a few tips for using hashtags:

  1. Keep it short—You never want your hashtag to be more than 50% of your message. You only get 140 characters on Twitter and there is no limit on Facebook but use your characters wisely.
  2. Define your tag—Use tagdef.com to make sure you have defined your hashtag so it has meaning.
  3. Don’t overuse—Use a maximum of two hashtags or followers will think you are spamming them.
  4. No spaces—You cannot use any spaces in the hashtag or punctuation or it will break the link.


If you haven’t seen this video, remember to hashtag responsibly and #enjoy.