The Power of Words

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Never? I’m sure many of us can remember ugly words that were said to us as a child or adolescent. You try to let go of them but they leave a feeling behind that you never forget. Words are powerful.


Have you ever thought about this concept when it comes to your business? It works the same way, yet many never think about the role of words in day-to-day operations. How is a customer service agent speaking to your client? What are you saying in your emails or e-blasts? What message are you portraying in advertising? More importantly, what are others saying about you?


I know—that’s just a lot of marketing fluff, right? Past marketing may have left a bad taste in your mouth with flowery words, unsuccessful campaigns or just plain too many dollars spent. However, when done correctly, the words you deliver to your client have the power to move them. Are you delivering a moving message or just throwing something out there because you need to check it off your list? A wise investment will stand the test of time and deliver a reputation on your brand that will leave a feeling in the mind of the customer…and it starts with your words—your message.


What message are you leaving in the mind of your consumer?


Watch this video…brilliant.